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Archive from January, 2014

Why Coaching?

Jan 13, 2014   //   by Daphline Achumba   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Why Coaching?

Usually the general impression people have when they hear about coaching or a coach is that the coach is the expert on the subject in question, and probably has all the answers, but on the contrary the client is the person who has all the resources he or she needs to achieve his/her goal.
The question then becomes; if the coach is not the expert and the clients has all the resources they need within them, so why do we need a coach?

Let look at it this way: at the beginning of every year people come up with a list of resolutions. This tells us that people have goals and dreams they want to achieve.   So how many resolutions, dreams, and plans or goals are actually achieved? I’ll leave you to do the mathematics

There are millions of books about steps and way to achieving dream, principles of success, how to maximise potentials. There is no denying that some people have followed the instructions and guidelines written in these books and have experienced success and accomplished their goals.

But why are millions still not successful? Why do people go to bed with their dreams and never see it become a reality? Why do people die with their potentials? Does it mean the steps and guidelines don’t always work.

The guidelines in these books are not the problem because they are based on timeless principles. These principles will work for anybody but personalities are different. While some are good at setting goals and following though, a lot more need some encouragement, motivation some need to break their goals into bite size.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project or task you are about to embark on?
Are you afraid it may all go wrong?
Do you feel judged and sometimes feel you are walking a lonely road because no one seems to believe in your vision?
The journey through change may be challenging.

Coaching sets an atmosphere for people to excel, by pointing the individual back to him/herself. 
It is a relationship that brings about progressive achievement, creating a sense of responsibility and confidence.
Coaching creates an environment where skills are discovered and nurtured, where motivation and inspiration is sustained. 
Coaching create a new approach to learning, and management.
Coaching open doors for reflective reasoning that creates a way forward.
Coaching is necessary for evaluation of limiting beliefs and creating an opportunity to move on to the next level.